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Will we get an update on KMSpico? I want to activate only office , NOT windows. Does it work with Windows 8. DAZ October 15, , 5:

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Manoj Patel March 18,5: The following executables are contained in KMSPico version KMSPico is backward compatible. Does It Activate Windows 10.0.9.exs Yeah just try it out.

More information about KMSPico can be read here. Thanks for the advance help.

Thanks dude for making this amazing bit of software!!!!!!!!!!! Joe September 6, Lotus May 12, Mack 10.9.exe 15,8: Justin January 13,4: After using this tool on Windows 8. Shailendra February 13,4: Kevin January 10,8: Kevin June 25,5: DAZ March 6,8: Thx for this amazing website.

My anti virus was turned off before trying, even disabled my firewall temporarily. Kevin September 7,5: Thanks a ton for this amazing tool! Lolol December 17, Going to activate Office Manikana November 16,5: If you disable it, or uninstall it, you no longer have an active license.

So no need to worry about existing licensed softwares. I was wondering if one may uninstall the soft once the system has recognised the OS genuine? I activated office once for all. Does this work for MS Office ? Yes, No problem with installing office on Windows 7. Lo voy a probar con el oficce muchas gracias. Nasir July 27,6: Satish Gupta March 24, kms;ico, Hari October 9, DAZ January 26,9:

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