R3d data manager

Archival Double Data offers 3 levels of protection against missing or dropped data. Diego Gilly by Von Thomas Double Data is even smart enough to know when to pause copy processes based on your workload. This will help users with more than one system running simultaneously to better determine which source the program is reporting the status of.

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I really need to download this, otherwise I'll have to scrape by with ShotPutPro v4 boo. It just might save your files and your job. One is expected to change, one should never change. We added datw small popup box to remind you to edit the Project Information when an auto-copy starts.

What Session Management Really Means This idea of one session for the whole days worth of footage - what is the benefit? They are made specifically for the Mac Pro with tons of protection, but without the weight of Anvil or Pelican type cases. You can contact the company directly via this page: The people over at Wiredrive are very hands-on, and will do everything to make your project their priority.

RED Workflow: Data Management and Copying Footage

Is there an actual way to load these files into the Red Epic to be able to see it in the camera screen on set? A session for a whole day? For the DIT and data loaders out there, the program is good to have in your arsenal, t3d if you can justify the cost against your earnings. Thanks again for a great article! Macintosh Version Latest Release: Double Data helps to speed r3v your on-set workflow.


Tenba also makes a variety of flight cases custom suited for your iMac, laptop, tower and monitor. It fits in my pocket, and works as my home and travel connection to the Internet. Now you have the ability to setup common identifiers for your Red Media, and select from manaber in the Project Information area.

It can be set up to stream video to iPad to be used in place of client monitor, and can broadcast live to the Internet, such as via Livestream. Subscribe To Our Newsletter no spam, we promise! Double Data is an application designed to help you better manage your data workflow.

Ten years from now, will your data still be valid?

Is there some secret you're keeping from us? Double Data helps to ensure that the data you read from your original camera media is the same data you have throughout your post process. With the terabytes of data that you will create during your project, Double Data helps to step in, making sure copies of each camera media file go to the right place, and accurately. How using Al3xa Data Manager can help you manage the storm that is on-set data management.

DoubleData :: NightSky Software :: The best Data Management software for the best cameras.

Remember, as soon as that hard drive or CF card connects back with the camera, it's all over. It also allows you to transcode material from the R3D codec to a variety of codecs so you can edit your footage without having the original R3D files on your system.

The W also has preset color modes, including RECthat can be implemented with the push of a daha.

It is useful and can be optimized to do some really great stuff, but all the software does is essentially copy, paste, and check footage. We do read all comments.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter no spam, we promise! The custom made BigFoot Mobile Cart. I typically try to populate all 4 HDD slots in the tower. I chose the Mac Pro 2. The program is tested thoroughly before even the most minor updates are released.


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