Very well, thank you. We enable the listener to make their own film. The duo has never shown this level of patience, a skill toddlers are inversely proportionate to. It pushes us to make them ring and to experience a whole range of emotions and feelings. The main characteristic of your music is without a shadow of a doubt the use of authentic and traditional instruments.

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Following Phantasmes, released inRuins of Time is a new original motion picture soundtrack of the short film "Ruins of Time" by Mathieu Peteul.

Pausal has always been the rolls royce of the genre, and Avifaunal is an other album of heavy and pure excellence. A monolithic double album of avantgardistic freshness, epic blackness and ritual hypnoticism, it spanned the worlds of Metal, Improvisation and - to a degree - contemporary composition to arrive at something instantly recognisable and completely undeniable: The instruments mxninkari use are popular instruments from different countries.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Black Up by Shabazz Palaces.

How strictly do you separate improvising and composing? So what criteria do you use when manjnkari that a music is not mass market? French duo Maninkari stormed onto the scene last Summer with an EP consisting of two lengthy tracks and two excuisite remixes by Robin Rimbaud and Justin Broadrick.

We do not work on visuals, it can sometimes suggest too much.

Maninkari - L'océan rêve dans sa loisiveté by three:four records | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Is there a crisis? Community Links Countries Recording Services. Among all "high priorities" of their current label home Conspiracy Records, they were definitely the most wayward and intense: Notify me of new posts via email. Maninkari, a duo hailing from France, should be a well-known one for ambient lovers. Phantasmes is a 50 minutes experimental movie written and directed by Thomas Pantalacci.

Maninkari ~ Continuum Sonore

Percussion instruments especially the bodhran play melodic or textural figures, whereas stringed instruments become repetitive to a point where they embody the rythmics. Very well, thank you. The French duo Maninkari crafts music with a haunted sensuality.

Everything is grey here, it lacks colours. Nayt Keane Available here with sound samples Share maninkxri You are given the position of artistic director of a festival. Is protecting another way of asserting oneself?

15 Questions to Maninkari

We take everything into account. Where does this fascination comes from and what do they represent in the sound of Maninkari? Incredible landscapes of cinematic drone ambient. We record often, either together or separately.

An intensity increases like a rush of wind over a corpse on a giant sand dune. Guillaume Dufay was so great Feathers, scales and skins.

Continuum Sonore Part 11 The main characteristic of your music is without a shadow of a doubt the use of authentic and traditional instruments. Yes there is always that desire, it can grow maaninkari that depends a lot on the interest that people have for that kind of music.

We are more inclined to go towards a world where the naninkari of feelings takes its place and gives a taste for the irrational and this gives us more freedom of expression. Their music delivers instrumental organic layers made of ancestral, dark and repetitive tunes that blend percussion instruments, viola, cimbalom, keyboards, and samples to reach mysticism at its climax.

We have started to work on the next album, it might be more composed? Check "Of Loops" out!

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