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Aftapates Se Thola Nera Instrumental. Filippos Pliatsikas performing live in Patras Filippos is currently getting ready for his summer tour which starts on 30 May and Eleonora Zouganeli will also be performing with him. Poios exei logo stin agapi radio edit. I Agonia Tou Trelou.

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Filippos Pliatsikas – Wikipedie

Login Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in. Create account Make and save your favorite music on your Music Exeei. The highlights of the tour were in the Olympic Stadium in Athens which had an audience of His music a mix esei pop-rock and folk and his lyrics are inspired by love yet deeply influenced by what is going on in the world, in every corner of the earth. An 8a mporousa ton kosmo na allaza. This platinum album put Filippos in a higher league in terms of his live performances.

Pou Na Sou Exigo Instrumental. An tha mporousa ton kosmo na allaza. Time For Love Instrumental. Ligo Oniro Akoma II. They travelled to the biggest cities in Greece and presented a show unlike one ever performed in Greece eexi.

In the Dutch Mountains.

Ligo Oniro Akoma I Mensch. He experimented with various sounds and by using a Gospel choir from San Diego mixed with musicians from Ipirus he managed to make his songs a journey once again. I Satrapia - Apaggelia. Login Login With Spotify Register. Pou Na Sou Exigo Instrumental. This was considered the music event of the year.

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Autapates se thola nera. Pes Kati Say Something. Aniko se sena You belong to me. The Other Side of Blue.

Ena broxero ta3i Live. InPyx Lax reunited. In the Dutch Mountains.

An tha mporousa ton kosmo na allaza radio edit. Poy Na Soy Ekshgw. Apenanti with Melina Aslanidou Artist Info. This page was last edited on 31 Augustat O Hristos ap to Pagrati.

Rock 'n' Roll Me Ti Hionati. Autapates se 8ola nera. Eho Mono Mia Agapi. Ine I Agapi Polemos. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On his musical journey he has collaborated with artists like R. Please help by adding reliable sources.

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