Dc unlocker for huawei ec122

What do i do from here?? On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update and click Next. Friday, 04 January at Now that i have the codes,how do i go about the unlocking?

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Open User Account data tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase. Plug the USB Modem into your computer and open the dashboard from where you connect to the internet.

Open Unlock tab and click Unlock button, wait till you see message that modem is unlocked. After you click Start button, other window should appear where you need to enter password to huaweo with the update.

In recent times, mobile broadband internet has been made possible with the introduction of 3G enabled mobile phones and of course usb modems.

Copy Firmware Updater code from the program window and paste it in EC update wizard window. You and a few guys on this forum,i commend favorably for all your expertise and help. Unlocer you very very much, i really apreciate ulnocker kindness, will keep you updated.

I also want to thank UncleSam and EngrHamid they really tried for me, esp Engr that went into research to get the solution and he even came up with one, Thumbs up bros.

Thank's Guys i'm huwei to have my modem back. Sometimes, your internet service provider might go off air and leave you stranded without an internet connection thus the need to make sure that your very own portable usb internet modem is FREE to work on any network thus making migration smooth and seamless. Hi i am having some challenge after the download.

In the screen capture below, we are working with Huawei. If the link has expired, do notify me by leaving a comment. Please note that the IMEI number is the "entry point" to your phone for both software and Hardware, so any "guru" can get spyware and malware to you phone through that.

3g modem Huawei EC Download drivers for Windows XP / Windows 7 – zaenalabidin.xyz

Do please be kind unlkcker as to share this info with your Facebook Friends. God will not forgive me if i don't say a very BIG THANK YOU, i just successfully updated the modem but it now requires i should set the profile of the network though i have not done that yet but i believe it would work out after the settings are done.

Now that i have the codes,how do i go about the unlocking? As shown below, give the dashboard a few seconds and the bottom left corner, it unllocker start showing the name of the network whose SIM is within the modem. If everything was setup properly, you should be able to browse without a hitch unless the network is experiencing problems that point in time.

Friday, 04 January at Under Profile Managementclick on New and fill in the following for each network you want to setup. Click on OK to terminate the application. If your modem is not listed below, this tutorial will not work for you so please don't comment or contact me asking for unlock code to a model that's not enlisted.

DC-unlocker client software V1.

Download FREE Huawei USB Internet Modem Unlocker

With a 3G enabled usb internet modem, you can browse anywhere, anytime as long as you have your laptop with huawi. Run the downloaded installation file and update the firmware of your EC Data card to version Then click Start button. Thank you click d modem icon on d desktop click on settings, click on add, profile: Thanks for the unlocking!!

Lactemps, i say a big thank you for the observation! Engrhamid, a guru you are indeed!

Unlock EC122 Huawei 3G CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Free

On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update huawek click Next. Thank you all i really appreciate, i'm extremely huaqei and excited. Engr hamid i need your help i unlocked my mtn3g modem but it doest work with my glo i tried to use the settings on my frds glo modem but still doesnt connect what do i do and i have subcribed already if i put the sim in my phone its browases for free please help.

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