Toolbook instructor 2004

The Archives for Attendees application includes materials from the following presentations. NET solutions, PowerPoint slides, web links, photos, videos, bonus materials, descriptions of each session, faculty information, etc. This page was last edited on 30 December , at When you think you have "mastered" ToolBook, try your hand at the Certification Exams in each module, built randomly from a large question pool. Guidelines for the Use of Multimedia in Instruction.

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Rapid and Robust ToolBook Development. But if you are planning on sharing any footage of your latest outdoor adventure with friends and colleagues, you will need more than just hardware. Which smartphone should I buy? Key Concepts for Designing Interactive Training.

Growing demand for intelligent learning solutions drives launch of ToolBook 2004

Instruxtor how to build actions and even entire pages via OpenScript. Tindall -Ford, et al. You can then see your answers to each question via Student Information.

Learn how to configure the individual Quiz Summary elements as well as set up the Question Text for each question. To order, go to the Platte Canyon store. Music Genius Slide Show Soundtrack. Actions Editor Tips and Tricks.

The following chart compares the features of these companion products as indicated on data sheets prepared by the software distributor: Expanded with even more examples!

In an attempt to meet the need for an effective authoring tool and balance it with the time constraints of the toilbook K teacher, the writer evaluated Toolbook Assistant and Toolbook Instructor, companion software products from SumTotal. Through detailed examples, learn how to add this powerful ToolBook feature to your projects. Instrutor previous version TBK not displaying warning dialog Fixed: How Does Exam Engine Work? The training shows redesigned screens like Resource Manager.

The Fun Never Stops! You can filter by session type or faculty member, navigate through matching sessions, view material online, and more.

Moodle in English

Introduction to ActiveX and ToolBook. Below is an historical list of English versions of ToolBook: However, for those teachers who become proficient developers and consequently need additonal functions and features, transitioning to ToolBook Instructor is an option.

Learn how to make your training "location-aware. The features and functions most applicable to the K environment were used to compare the products and to evaluate effectiveness.

These simulations are an essential element in increasing workforce productivity, particularly in readying employees to use mission-critical enterprise software applications. Enhanced simulation capabilities in this version allow content authors to: Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook.

SumTotal ToolBook support for Rapid Learning, Interactive eLearning Content Tools.

Software that allows educators to deliver content with the benefits of multimedia and interactive learning experiences is a necessity. WebLink - An Alternative to Neuron.

Using our "Mastermind" sample game, learn how to construct Action "behaviors" to greatly increase your efficiency and functionality. Control them with the Actions Editor. Understand through detailed examples how to communicate between Flash and ToolBook from both the ToolBook and the Flash authoring side of the equation. Your job is to perform a task covering the current concept.

A leader in the e-Learning industry, Click2learn Inc has the largest installed base of e-Learning customers in the world. The simpler the tool is to learn, the more likely teachers will actually use it to create course content. NET solutions, PowerPoint slides, web links, photos, videos, bonus materials, descriptions of each session, faculty information, etc.

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