Gaba bd foxmoor

Put Your Self in My Place. Imiskoumbria, also known as Imiz, is a comedy hip hop group from Athens, Greece. Bring Me Some Air

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Jouez et gagnez des lots! Kane Epanastasi Reality 7. Foxmoor started referring to his music as low bap. My Space Liga Lepta Proaflisis 9.

Simeio Synantisis - Instrumental 4. They are widely credited for the establishment of hip-hop within Greek music show business. Eleipe Mia Selida Anex Tarr Chronorogmi - Instrumental Ela Pare Me feat.

Tha To Haro Gnosi Ton Kairon 9. Otan Oi Mikronooi Hiphopragoun 1. Ap Ti Kavatza - Instrumental. Thodoris Karelas Giannis Haroulis 1.

Darklude - Instrumental 9. In she officially became a member of the group. Tis Magias Mou To Vrohokouti She has played keyboards and percussions hd a short while both in shows and in the studio, but in the last years she is more focused on her rap and on writing lyrics.

Mynima Sto Mpoukali Ena Freestyle Stin Antara Pechlivanis Remastered Thanasis Papakonstantinou 1. Se Kentriko Cdadiko The Dat I Die. Oi Panthires Tou Dromou Retu Xar Epistrofi - Instrumental. Atyho Simeio Sto Diava Mou. My Space Liga Lepta Proaflisis.

Gaba(2012 )

Foxmoor Presents the Story of Alivas B. Tha 'Ho Fygei Makria. To Klemmeno Mas Tsirko B. Apo Mia Stala Aima - Instrumental 8.

Anex Tarr Chronorogmi - Instrumental. Xekinima - Instrumental 3. Gramma Apo To Metopo 9.

B.D. Foxmoor : tous les albums et les singles

Fotovolida Orfeas Peridis 1. To Klemmeno Mas Tsirko. Oi Panthires Tou Dromou.

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