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Was Toyota too slow to react? TMA Investor Relations staff received the first round of questions about long-term brand implications, particularly in marketing Toyota's response to the problem is still unclear Slide And the problem, from a trust standpoint, with government, is, these people came forward, and they went to the agency, and they filed these complaints.

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Generally, NHTSA will visit the peti- tioners, interview them about their experiences, examine their vehicles and vehicle history, drive the vehicles, and search the NHTSA databases for complaints similar to the experiences petitioners had.

First, if you no- tice that your gas pedal or your brake is not responding as it nor- mally would, contact your Toyota dealer right away.

Well, thank you The Chairman. First of all, I want to say that I have the utmost respect for both the Secretary and the Administrator, but they are behind the eight ball. Now, tell me — this full investigation, top to bottom — tell me what that would entail. Matter of fact, I had someone walk up to me last night — a woman who had just ordered a Toyota — and she asked me if I thought it was safe.

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Manufacturers are required to submit a list of identical or substantially similar vehicles annually so that tachosofh agency can use this information to identify potential defects in vehicles sold or offered for sale in the U.

Furthermore, please be advised that the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, may further request testimony and preliminary reports from you in the coming weeks. Is your thing on? Eighty percent of Toyota vehicles sold in this country over the past 20 years are still on the road. Inthere was 43, deaths.

And I received some flow numbers, 11 in terms of the numbers that were being repaired, that were very impressive, which I appreciate. That is a quantum change in lives saved. tachosooft

And, again, the American people deserve a top-to-bottom review; the tacgosoft picture of what happened and what we are going to do moving forward. It might be a way that consumer groups such as yours — I know other consumer groups have certainly utilized this — can begin to track some of these lawsuits and get a leg up, in terms of bringing evidence to the regulators that could help prevent this in the future.

But, we certainly come across some indi- vidual lawsuits, like the Alberto case in Michigan, where there was no tachlsoft mat in the vehicle. As part of this review, we believe the American taachosoft should know when the tacosoft received related consumer complaint data, what information was contained in the data, how NHTSA processed the collected data, whether NHTSA followed es- tablished consumer protection procedures and requirements of the agency under law, and what more could have been done or can be done to protect consumers.

Have you done an internal investigation to find out whether this agency has done what it should have done on behalf of the American people? Sincethere have been 10 open investigations dealing with Toyota issues of sudden acceleration. Did they seriously inves- 6 tigate?

The main, or control, CPU calculates and executes the operating command for all engine sys- tems. Pedal Entrapment Of the two big recalls, the far more serious problem, in our view, 235.

pedal entrap- ment by floor mats.

Nissan has a three-person group that makes the final decision about recalls in the United States, and one of the three persons is always a U. Where are those 66 positions going? Toyota directly employs more than 30, people in the United States, and when you add in suppliers and dealerships that swells to more thanI was fortunate to be the chief engineer of the first generation Prius.

All that information comes in, on a quarterly basis, to NHTSA, so we have that information to match up with the complaint data base, as well. An impotent,nervous,unbalanced postman, having a cayereh wife, lives in his master s house.

At this time, we understand that this problem is mechanical in nature and does not involve a flaw in the electronic signal being sent from the pedal sensor to the throttle.

I have said, to two other commit- tees, I believe the Toyota business model is broken. It is very important to note that, even on the recalled vehicles, entrapment by the mat can occur only if the floor mat is out of position because it is not secured, one floor mat is stacked on top of another floor mat, or a floor mat is used that is not intended for use on the vehicle and is inap- propriate due to its shape or dimensions.

I am happy to take your questions. Browse our education events. I still believe that.

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The Camry vehicles are not included in these recalls because they do not contain the defect conditions iden- tified in these recalls. I know there are other parts of the electronic system that make sense, and software and all that. How many are going into enforcement, where we 23.55 need it?

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