Thursday, June 15, 7: Then Ef, which was brilliant. This API is very fast too: And like any tool that saves lots of time, it takes a week or two to learn how to use it, but will save months later on your project. LLBLGen Pro has much stronger code generation abilities, but too much code generation can lead to compromised testability and maintainability one small tweak can cause massive amounts of code to need retesting.

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Which one would you recommend?

Become more productive today. The Designer generates code in both C and VB. If the specified email address doesn't match with the email address known in our system for the customer ID you specified, the password isn't reset.

The choice is yours.

Use any .NET ORM framework

Using databases in your. The runtime framework supports both. I've truly barely scratched the surface of this deep lpblgen.

If your subscription is expired, it can be used with all v5.

Real-time project validation and suggestions of how to fix the found errors. It also allows you to split up your entities into different domains.

The only caveat that I've had is that the LLBLGen runtime framework the actual ORM is monolithic you have to have all your entities in one VS project but if you are fine with that restriction then it is phenomenal. If you've paid using a credit card, you should receive these emails within minutes. At any given moment you can switch between the two, giving you the flexibility you need.

Utilize multiple database types in one project An LLBLGen Pro project can contain relational model data from multiple relational databases, while containing a single model mapped to the relational model data of each database type.

LLBLGen Pro | Buy LLBLGen Pro today!

In my experience, bugs are solved most lbllgen the time by the LLBLGen team within days sometimes hours with a new build. If you would like to purchase a site license instead of per seat licenses interesting for teams of over 50 peopleplease contact us at sales llblgen.

Specify a query result cache directive to tell the runtime to cache the results for that particular query for a given amount of time. Go ahead, ask them how to do it on the forums! Although I certainly could have done the work locally, I can get more llblgem in the cloud.

LLBLGen Pro | Entity Modeling Solution and ORM framework for .NET

I still am mulling this one over! You can choose between any of them at any time. Once you start working with it you start to realize that it is very flexible and extendable. What's been your impression? There are two additional features that I would point out - the ability to modify it's templates in a way that suit you and the ability to easily connect model multiple catalogs. If you lost your customer ID, please post your information name, email address used when purchasing etc.

The code generation system is based on a series of tasks. Volume discounts are available if you purchase multiple licenses at once.

LLBLGen Pro and ORM Profiler Documentation

Model first, Database first, or a mixture of llblven It doesn't matter how you start your project or how you want to work with your project: I have used both. The designer can deal with all database constructs and types, even UDTs. Philippe Leybaert k 25 Also used the built in caching features. Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. At first I was sold on nHibernate and refused to try anything else even though I knew about other options.

Another incredible feature is it allows multiple connections to different databases. Issues are quickly fixed or if the problem is really nasty, Frans himself will either provide a fix or a detailed explanation why something won't be implemented or how to bypass it with a workaround.

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