Displays black screen with music. Darkworld92 , Margen67 and SomeGamer like this. No other problems found yet. All other settings remain at default: Run this game trough BIOS, else it will be glitchy and finally it will crash!

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Tested by lancea34 Hangs at first loading screen in both Dynarec and Interpreter, through bios and not. It's possible that some third party classic controller and HDD who doesn't work in the official release work cause i compiled it with my mod libogc SVN.

WiiSX / CubeSX

Characters on cars, some NPC's and most items boxes are invisible, music sometimes doesn't play. Works well, don't remember on a real PSX I found the game a little dark, if not it is perfect. Code Dump at start up in Dynarec. Digimon World 1 PAL. Pause menus do not have words, but the selector in the missing-word-menus still works. Playable can be considered allowing the game to run and play at a suitable speed, with hardly any graphical issues but allowing for various audio issues, unless the audio is integral to the game e.

Has minor lag I'd estimate about 55 fps on Dynarec, but still fully playable. Constantly reboot to Title screen. Pacheko17 and Margen67 like this. During gameplay sometimes might seem just a little slow. Game's region and ID can be checked on http: Under dynarec, the game runs between slightly slower than usual this happens only in a few sections to almost double speed this often happens in menus, and also at the beginning and ending of battles.

Do not use Analog pad.

The game crash or code dump when you choose Try Again. FMVs and transitions eiisx a bit choppy but certainly bearable; works very well rest of the time.

Sound and voices work great, but freezes at the second text box. Dracari Feb 2, And now and than the anlog will just go mad and spyro will spin in circles when this happens you have to reset. Sounds and graphics are perfect, voices are good. Somewhat slow and glitchy, but very playable nonetheless.

None, Perfect and full speed, zeb44 In level three I get code dump if I enter the flying vehicle or when I get to the boss. The letters on the screen when naming a character are glitchy and un-seeable. Slower under interpreter but still totally playable.

Tested by lancea34 Screen flickers for wwiisx second and then freezes at a black screen in both Dynarec and Interpreter. The movie intro plays, then the game crashes.

Quit early in opening stage due to audio fail. Black screen on random battles or some fixed battle, interpreter should fix it.

WiiSX / CubeSX - Sony PlayStation - Downloads - Emulators

You can also report the problem and game compatibility to the official development website http: No noticeable graphic problems, at least for me, just that the game runs a bit slow on some scenes.

After you find the series, look to see what disc is required to play as that particular series. In interpreter mode, the screen is black almost all of the time, but is visible with frameskip enabled. No major problems, very playable.

WiiSX compatibility list (beta 2)

Laggy and unplayable in Interpreter. Perfect with Dynarec, Abit slow with interpreter! Works like a charm on Beta 2.

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