Goan konkani hymns

Adlern voros sorun geIern New Year's Eve. Hymns in honour of the Holy Trinity 6. Bemardo Cota Page 1 2. It appears your browser does not have it turned on.

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Ho dis poddot ailo. Sant An, tujem sufoll jinnem. I had tears in my eyes when I heard these hymns for the first time on a sunny afternoon in Dubai. Mogall Guru, Borea Gonvllia. Eka Rogtsakxiachea vo Eke Rogtsakxinniche Porbek. Lino de Sa 7.

Goan Konkani Song - By Anttonet - video dailymotion

Christmas Hymns in Hindi 2. I have always known Hhymns to be a great musician and this work is simply fantastic.

Bernardo Cota Page 2 1. Aj Jan Jivan Meim.

Konkani Songs in Canerese Script. Book 1

Bhettoitanv hirn amchim danam. Tuje sorxem aileanv, Dhonia. Christmas Hyrnns in Konkani 2. Goan music always has a sense of nostalgia to it.

Lino de Sa 2. Vaseo do Rego 2. Ivo de Conceicao Souza 1. Vasco do Rego l. Anthony Calisto Vaz 1.

Vasco do Rego 1. Can certainly be added to the regular meditative play-lists, I have done this Although would have preferred some additional accompanying string instruments, but this one sounds so original establishing connection to tradition.

Francisco Miranda Page 1 1.

5 Goan Konkani Songs You Need To Listen Right Away - Lokaso, your local friend

Jezu, Jezu, monant kallzant. Jezu, Tujem nanvunch puro. Misoll Gaionam - Various Hymns 8. Sasnachea sasnak Devak zoi! Bemardo Cota Page 2 2. Amchim sogllim gupit chintnam.

Joaquim Loiola Pereira 2. Jezu Dakvel, ami fantte. Ho Mando Goencho is a very popular and energetic song about fishermen and farmers in Goa.

A very characteristic feature of Konkani songs is their ability to have a light hearted humorous take on issues like drinking. Lino de Sa l. Somia Jezu, ie, ie. Dukest A voi dukhambhorit.

Mon'xam modem vorto turn.

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