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Along the way, they would meet a ten year old mage in training and his class. The grand finals for the second season of Showtime held last December 18, where 10 contenders compete for the one million pesos prize. The boys met another strange girl with a tragic background, and at the same time was ask for assistance by Joash in apprehending a criminal Seer known as the Puppeteer. The fourth set of semi-finalists in Pilipinas Got Talent:

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However, the planet was a lot dangerous than they thought. Follow Buckles Murphy and Gill Hoofz as they discover the darkest side of the city the fell under the radar of the heroes while at the same time, protecting a mysterious girl claiming to be a witch. So far, there is none until a vase was stolen and some weird events began to occur. Hoidz got the perfect song choice and considered as one of the most consistent performers in the third season because of their versions of OPM classics.

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The act was truly refreshing and it was a rare moment to saw a martial arts routine in a talent search. But the simple task later then turns serious, as the Summoner arrive and began to start havoc. El Gamma Penumbra made a fantastic hooodz play about Philippine culture and tourism, Synergy did a very exceptional aerial acrobatics routine which can be competed in international circus shows like Cirque de Soleil, Renagine consistently amazed the crowd with her powerful vocals and Khalil made the girls cry because of his good looks and rockin voice.

So put on your knee pads and wear some tights cause Kyou and the Eds will bring you the world of Ultra Violent Wrestling.

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The sixth batch of semi-finalists in PGT: Will the Loverkada Kids will be the first gymnastics group and contortionists who will make it to the grand finals?

Will they succeed or fail? The grand finalists from Showtime Season 2: Will Kim Tenorio entertained the judges and the viewers with his puppet show? Then get enrolled in AWA Academy! Meanwhile, recently reformed Sunset is having a bad time getting accepted in the school while Eddy is being targeted by assassins.

All Worlds Alliance Missions - Negima! Along with the famed, Black Hero and the students of the Royal Officer Academy, they must face this treat and deal with it at all cost.

All is good for everyone that is until a mysterious girl arrive.

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Follow their story along with their circle of friends as they struggle various hodz and situations that involves their daily lives, but being the Eds, of course things won't go their way as possible. The fourth set of semi-finalists in Pilipinas Got Talent: Would magic be a good thing to them or make things worst? It's up for the Rising Stars to take on other missions.

Once again, she received an overwhelming response from the audience and one of the most consistent contenders since auditions where she make an excellent performance of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

After the nationwide auditions from almost 70 cities, provinces and towns in the Philippines, witnessed the judges deliberation in the selection of top 36 in the Judges Cull and the live semi-finals performance, twelve acts from different parts of the country made it to the grand finals of the third season of Pilipinas Got Talent. A long forgotten figure from the Ed's past made his return and is out for revenge. The kiddie gymnastics group Loverkada Kids got the highest public vote and Twin Divas won the judges vote by unanimous decision.

Heroes Coalition - Chronicles by XP4Universe reviews Ever wonder what's 89.9 on in the Heroes Coalition whenever our heroes are out on a mission or whenever they had a day off? All Worlds Alliance Missions - Tales of the World by someonestupED reviews When Kanonno Grassvalley unwillingly got transported in another world, she must travel from one world to another in order to get back home and along the way she meets a bunch of bizarre characters that are members of a large organization.

Radiant Mythology - Rated: Chizuru Tachibana must team up with Negi Springfield of whatever plan this evil group had for the kingdom and stop them! They have a precise interpretation and funny dance moves but their audition performance boodz "Lucky" by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat is much better than uoodz. Reading Hoosz Stories by damnlastwords reviews Team Rwby along with the Mane 7 along with Mato Kuroi and Naruto Uzumaki were sent in realm where they are force to read a story about the biggest, awesome organization of all time Ed, Edd n Eddy - Rated: This is an anthology-like collection of stories about different heroes and teams going through missions all across the multiverse.

And can she help the Eds solve their problems from another girl whom is hell-bent for domination?

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