Rizza cabrera

It was logical for me to look elsewhere for inspiration. Previous article Are You Listening? But warm and accommodating nonetheless.

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Keep Me Company is a song for those days.

It was an extensive list with excellent renditions of songs by Bieber, Kings of Leon, Coldplay and Britney. There are days when we wake up with the feeling that something is missing, days when we feel the unbelievable weight of life.

Are You Listening? Keep Me Company by Rizza and Raleene Cabrera of Walkie Talkies

The downside was a resulting homogenization of videos you watch because everybody used the same music from the same artist. Soon after she gave me four demos.

I conveyed the kind of emotions I wanted to evoke, nothing about chords, tempo or notes. Music licensing sites like The Music Bed and Song Freedom rose to prominence and for the most part, were a godsend.

Wake Up and Cabbrera by Jay Dizza. The nation of Israel had a period in their history where…. Listen to the full track below.

Most of us were tempted to regard these questions with apathy or indifference, but were consequently thwarted by individual experiences with the person of Jesus Christ.

Thank You by Jay Enrile. That His heart breaks with ours.

Chords for One by Rizza Cabrera

On some days, we wake up with an acute sense of our own brokenness. Church Can Be Simple: I had to meet Anne and Erwan first before meeting Rizza to get a better grasp ok the kind of wedding they were going to have, and moreso, the kind of people they were. And then I got to acquaint myself with her original work on her Soundcloud — and thus my fandom was cemented.

A resource for personal reflection or small group discussion. You may also like. You get hooked with the voice first — fabrera and comforting.

Leave rizsa Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It was logical for me to look elsewhere for inspiration.

In the early days, it was both a challenge and a rush to look for obscure music for wedding videos. The dinner table was littered with unsealed invitations they were DIYing themselves, they were poring through ruzza guest list and going through the logistics.

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Rizza Cabrera

You rizxa I have long since valued music as an essential component of our videos. I understand its power to nudge a viewers feelings in one direction or another. I just spoke in vague adjectives to Rizza. I was a fan of her covers album released in Bandcamp. When we are found by quiet moments of despair, hope often comes in the form ccabrera knowing that God is with riza. I never really went for pop music or anything with massive radio airplay. I n the past years, and with enough time and resources, I explored the idea of collaborating with local artists to write music for the wedding films we make.

And that meeting that night was a revelation. That on the days that we feel like the world has left us behind, He remains with us. Holy prolific songwriter shizz!

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