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Want to add to the discussion? Can't wait for something like the ps3 to be all homebrewed up to become as awesome as the xbox was. Configure Qwix You keep talking about Avalaunch how can I upgrade my dashboard? After the upload process is complete you'll see a window with some statistics about the transfer in the example above I moved 2.

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Fieldrunners Grasslands endless Level Strategy. Now you want to select the file extension to iso so you can see the xbox. View All HQ Affiliates.

Your name or email address: No, create an account now. Enough with the chitchat, take a look at these screenshots, download it, v11 learn for yourself what makes this program so great! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Posted 23 August - Click the image with 'Create ISO' under it qsix the left-side of the screen, now pick your source it can be a folder that is on your Xbox or from your local PC for the example below we'll create one from a local folder on drive G: You can even choose to crosslink files, which means that it will take common areas of the game and "cross" them so that they don't have to appear multiple times.

Sign In Need an account? Now that we know what it does lets start by showing you how to configure Qwix so you can transfer files to your Xbox. Submit Your Own Tutorial! It will automatically extract the ISO's out into properly named folders in your games directory.

2TB SATA Drive installed, need help with XBMC : originalxbox

How to use Chimp: Nu Video Codecs Modchip. Can't see xbox dvd drive in Qwix? After the upload process is complete you'll see a window with some statistics about the transfer in the example qix I moved 2. First open Qwix - you can get it from our downloads section.

Install the MS Dashboard from the Extras disc too so it can be used as an app from the replacement dashboard. Now press the 'Create ISO' button another window opens, here select the folder you wish to put the.


Here is a quick and simple tutorial on how to create an XDFS iso from a dir of files. I have transferred over 40 gigs of files in less than an hour, at an average of 9 megs per second if you're transfer appears to be very slow quit the process and reboot you're PC I've noticed that after using some file-sharing software that my speed was greatly reduced.

Now in the example below I've only loaded one file but if multiple files were selected each one would show up in this screen, whats important to note is that the bottom of the screen tells you the total space required to load all of the.

Well, along that same path, it also creates ISOs for you. Remember we saved it to the desktop in a folder called xbox. Qwjx currently have javascript disabled.

VIP Downloads for Qwix.

First open up Nero if you don't know what Nero qwlx visit their website http: Xbox Error Light Meanings. Posted 12 January - Another window will open that basically wants to know where the extracted files should be placed in the example below I choose my Xbox drive which is drive 'G: Jun 1, Messages: If anyone knows how, please help me in this final step!

Hit the save button and Qwix will display a progress box that pretty well describes the whole process while its running once complete you'll see the ISO file created box click 'OK' congratulations you have your first '. It will automagically extract the ISO's out into qwwix named folders in your games directory.

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