Screen images, except where these illustrate an error message or machine-specific behaviour Send a program which reproduces the effect otherwise. While developers may find that certain W interacter features work with some 3rd party GUI tools or APIs, we are unable to provide advice or support on the use of these programming interfaces. What is the difference between W i SK and W interacter? Installation of the full retail version of W interacter is subject to the terms of the W interacter Licence Agreement , which is reproduced in full below. Is a Fortran compiler included?

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Winteracter setup

The X Windows version has also been ported to the Mac. Bug fix updates for earlier versions normally remain available on our web site for several years.

Is a Mac version available? Please be sure to use a subject line that is descriptive of the problem or question i. Is a Fortran winferacter included? We operate a W interacter technical support service via email. As on Linux and Windows, a single licence provides support for creation of both bit and bit Mac applications. Qualification for free upgrades is wintdracter on the date of shipment wintedacter I. A Mac version of the Motif toolkit is also required, as on Linux.

If you are having problems using a new feature, consult the Release Notes or the whatsnew file in the docs directory if using v1. Reliance on compilers which suport Fortran 90 or later allows us to take advantage of features such as modules, free format source code, optional arguments, CASE constructs and much more.

X/Winteracter for Linux and Mac

In other words, AbsoftTools may not be able to "see" the WINTER environment variable, particularly if it is run from a desktop shortcut or file manager. We do not have a fixed bug-fix update schedule.

The W interacter visual toolset is regularly updated and expanded. Every W interacter licence, on all platforms, includes support for GNU gfortran. When compared to our own development environment, WiDEthe plugin provides weaker integration with W interacter but closer integration with the compiler.

The primary motivation was the 'look and feel' issue. Implementation Notes In normal usage, the notes above on using the plugin should be sufficient. W interacter serial number 8nnnn or 4nnnn and version number. Users of any previous W interacter release can purchase an upgrade to the current version. The early versions of LF95 5. Download Three versions of the plugin are available to download, for each of the supported platforms: An educational discount is available to qualifying institutions, subject to the following condition: Both bit and bit versions are provided for use with this compiler, on Windows.

It's up to you how many dialogs you load simultaneously. The Linux version includes for support for both Lahey Fortran 6. Holders of earlier "single-target" licences can upgrade to the current version. The unwanted command window opened by the Execute option is not specified by the W interacter plugin and is outside of our control.

W interacter supports both. Winteractet we have implemented what we term 'semi modeless' dialogs. Since LF95 bit, the corresponding version of W interacter can be used to create bit applications. However, if you decide that you want access to more user-interface or graphics features then you might consider upgrading to the the full version of W interacter.

View the full version 7. W interacter uses meaningful names for all of its subroutines, instead of cryptic 6 character names. Linked executable programs developed using Winteracter under a commercial licence may be distributed without further royalty or run-time licence payments to ISS. This includes support for the version dinteracter LF95 supplied with Lahey Fortran 7.

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