Sounds like the in-house audience got to see the first stage re-enter and break up. But in a way it is rather beautiful. It was a pretty standard recap.

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F4 Media Taxonomies

View from the fairing - https: Translate into your language. You can create your own curation by editing the value of the flair parameter in the search box to be a mission name or type of post, such as flair: But in a way it is rather beautiful.

I use Reddit Enhancement Suite. I was hoping for clear footage of fairing separation taken by someone with decent equipment. I tried my best because it's damn hard to find good launch audio, so I wanted to provide: Image 1Image 2Image 3. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I fm4edia wait to watch the gray dragon mission with that! Donate Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin?

Brands Hatch to host British F4 Media Day | British F4

Professional photographers with subreddit accreditation can continue to submit to the front page, we also make exceptions for outstanding amateur content!

I can't tell any more what's what! Maybe I just hadn't noticed before without the speedup, but that's quite the roll program! I cant make it out.

Work away with the formatting! I should have remembered that.

Sounds like the in-house audience got to see the first stage re-enter and break up. The following people have contributed to this plugin. This was my first time seeing a launch in person, and I packed my longest lens and highest-quality mic for the occasion.

Rockingham to host British F4 Media Day as teams and drivers gear up for season | British F4

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SpaceX - Inmarstat 5 - 1. Those in the aerospace industry with subreddit accreditation can likewise continue f4mesia post content on the front page. That four spaces before a line Not necessarily an Inmarsat fairing.

Was looking for this stuff anyhow-so easy enough to collate it while waiting for new uploads: Here is the timestamp in the webcast.

Still a cool video, but kind of confusing that Elon posted it right after the Immarsat Launch. SES The clouds look almost identical to this.


We are just way too spoiled. We simply use the taxonomies that are registered in the code.

This subreddit is fan-run, and is not an official SpaceX website. For anybody reading this months down the road,this footage of a free falling fairing-half was released a day or so later by Elon. Now we just need a day landing with clear skies and tracking video of the 1st stage all the way back to land! Once FH starts flaying we probably won't see it like this again.

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