The water management options include irrigation, drainage, and the use of subsurface drainage water from pipe drains, ditches or wells for irrigation. The leaching efficiency of 0. But one can also take A as rice and B as sugarcane, or perhaps trees and orchards.

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In Saltmod, the salt concentration is expressed as the EC of the soil moisture when saturated under field conditions.

In SaltMod there are various asltmod layers including the rootzone and aquifer.

In a future version of Saltmod, the upper soil reservoir may be divided into two equal parts to detect the trend in the vertical salinity distribution. The transition zone can also be saturated, unsaturated or partly saturated. More information is given in the program itself. Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract Waterlogging and salinity are the common features associated with many of the irrigation commands of surface water projects. These are related to the surface hydrology like rainfallevaporationirrigation, use of drain and well water for irrigation, runoffand the aquifer hydrology like upward seepage, natural drainage, pumping from wells.

The majority of the computer models available for water and solute transport in the soil e. If suitable drainage system is not provided, the area will further get salinised, thus making the land uncultivable. This may affect the salt balance and the irrigation efficiency or sufficiency. The water management options include irrigation, drainage, and the use of subsurface drainage water from pipe drains, ditches or wells for irrigation.

This option can be used to predict future developments based on long-term average input values, e. RMZ- Materials and Geo-environment, 57 3pp. This occurs with a rotation index. Therefore, the SaltModod program was designed keeping in mind a relative simplicity of operation to facilitate the use by field technicians, engineers and project planners instead of specialized geo-hydrologists.

Creative combinations of area fractions, rotation indexes, irrigation quantities and annual input changes can accommodate many types of agricultural practices. On 3 Augustthrough correspondence with Mrs. Perhaps it will be useful first to study the automatic farmers' responses and their effect and thereafter decide what the farmers' responses will be in the view of the saltkod. Since 15 Januarythis version also contains the facility to automatically create and open annual input files when doing calculations year by year with intermediate input changes.

SaltMod estimation of root-zone salinity Varadarajan and Purandara Application of SaltMod to estimate root-zone salinity in a command area. For improvement, I am interested to salttmod about your experiences with SaltMod.

When no drainage system is present, installing drains with zero capacity offers the opportunity to obtain separate water and salt balances for an upper and lower part of the transition zone.

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For this, there is a contact form. The user can also introduce farmers' responses by manually changing the relevant input data. The data are filed in the form of tables that can be inspected directly or further analyzed with spreadsheet programs. The program is designed to make use of spreadsheet programs for the detailed output analysis, in which the relations between various input and output variables can be established according to the scenario developed by the user.

It lacks the crop rotation and farmers' response options, saltmov it permits the calculation of monthly instead of seasonal water and salt balances in the soil. The salinity level shows a decline with an increase of leaching efficiency. It uses salt and water balances budgets in the soil.

Under certain conditions, the saltmox of the water table influences the water balance components. Thesis, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaump. The rotations are taken over the seasons within the year.

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There swltmod a need for a computer program that is easier to operate and that requires a simpler data structure than most currently available models. Agricultural water management v. Journal of Agricultural Water Management, 85 3pp.

It can be equal to the rootzone. Estimation of root zone salinity, using Saltmod, in the arid region of Turkey.

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