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Aaux Next Cond Thin Italic. Aaux Next Wide Thin. The tail of the '9' points downwards.

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The diagonal strokes of the lower-case 'k' meet at the vertical with or without a gap. Aaux Next Bold Italic. Thank you in advance! Aaux Next Hairline Italic. Aaux Next Semi Bold. Aaux Next Regular Italic. Aaux Next Wide Medium Italic. Aaux Next Wide Black. Aaux Next Wide Regular Italic.

The top of the '1' digit one is curved. The tail of the '9' points upwards. I'm not sure about the Lambrettista, but have no better suggestion. Aaux Next Cond Hairline.

Aaux Next Comp Thin. Aaux Next Cond Regular. The primavera-font seems to be a stretched Clarendon Exra Bold Wide. Aaux Next Cond Black Italic.

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Aaux Next Cond Medium. The lower-case 'g' is single-storey with or without loop. Aaux Next Wide Regular. Aaux Office Light Italic.

Aaux Next Comp Semi Bold. Aaux Next Comp Regular Italic.

Aaux Next Cond Ultra Italic. Aaux Next Cond Bold Italic. Aaux Next Comp Hairline Italic. And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black.

Aaux Next Wide Thin Italic. Aaux Next Cond Light. I am wonder if someone can upload it. Aaux Next Comp Black.

Aaux Next Cond Light Italic. Aaux Next Wide Thin.

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The top of the '7' has a downward-pointing serif or bar. Aaux Next Cond Thin. The tail of the '9' points downwards.

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