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The user may also input the concrete dimensions. If the user chose to have Profis Anchor calculate a recommended baseplate thickness as described in Section 3. Direct on-screen input Section 3. Makes accurate and reliable calculations using multiple assumptions and data criteria.

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This is only necessary if the user wishes to calculate directly from the Construction Wizard. Currently, any non-matrix patterns e. The icon is used to create an anchor matrix. The dimensions are given from the centroid of the baseplate. Ive input a load, but the information window still says, no or unsuitable load has been set.

This icon simply runs the FE calculation and provides a recommended baseplate thickness. Correctly installed OpenGL compatible driver for the video controller.

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Once the user has created the matrix, they may delete individual anchors to create different patterns for example a 8-bolt square pattern around the profile or a U-shape around the profile. An example problem can be found under the Help Menu by selecting Example Calculations. This free PC program operates ". The user can either select from some standard anchor patterns using the icons under the heading Anchor Pattern, or the user may insert individual anchor and set their location using the table under the heading Anchors.

HILTI Profis Users Manual v1.10

First, the distribution of the applied loads to each individual anchor are shown in tabulated ancho 8. Hilti profis anchor software Once the user left clicks on one of these, the Work Area will change to the new view and the isometric view will replace the view in the smaller window. This is discussed in more detail in Pprofis 3. If the direction of the load is not correct, the user may either reenter the load as a negative or simply left click on the arrow.

However, these individual windows do not require the user to fill out all of the windows for changes to be implemented. The user can change this view to a 2-D section view ideal for standoff fastenings or a 2-D plan view ideal for freehand baseplate drawing by left clicking on the smaller windows in the bottom right corner of the Main Window, shown in Figure 10 below.

The user may download these items from the Tech Center on the Hilti website, www. The default methods for the US region are shown above.

The data entered in the Project Description tab appears on any printout related to the current project. The user accesses this window by clicking on the Create Report button found in the Anchro tab. Combined loading is shown in the next table 11and the percent use is shown as N,V.

By looking at the Information Window profs in Section 3. As the default, a grid is shown on the Work Area Figure 9. Profis Anchor is a connection design program developed to help the engineer distribute loads at a connection and select an appropriate anchor to carry these loads. It also prodis the user to initiate design calculations, save the design, select the units for the design and view the details with a description of what is needed to complete the construction.

Anchor Type - Filters anchors by the type e. Double click on Profis.

PROFIS Anchor - Structural Engineers

If the user chooses to calculate the required Baseplate thickness, Profis Anchor will run a finite element FE calculation and will provide a recommended baseplate thickness on the report. Only the window locations on startup and changes made in the Preferences tabs will remain the default the next time the user opens Profis Anchor Refer to Section 3. Undercut, Friction, Bonded, etc.

The program's installer files are generally known as ProfisAnchor. Tutorial, which opens the tutorial seen when the user first opened Profis Anchor; 5. Under Other, the user may make other adjustments.

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