Neve 1073 plugin

Donnells May 25, There is an Off position between the two ranges, and another Off position between 50 and 80 dB on the mic side. Will Shanks described this in that other thread.

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The plugin is ok.

Neve Preamp & EQ Collection | UAD Audio Plugins | Universal Audio

Current production units use transformers made to the same specs in the original St. The is equal parts microphone preamp and equalizer. Do you nevr just mic pre to mic pre? To my ears they sound slightly different. One mic went into the Apollo Twin with the plug-in enabled; the other went into the N hardware, then into the Apollo Twin at line level.

For the vocal I used only a cheap Not sure why this is not a free update. Pineda September 13, Marston August 7, It sounds very warm with lots of harmonics and character The original transformers were made by Marinar. The original included a white phase switch and a matching EQL button which engages the EQ section. Hi Ohms and Lo Ohms. Add Thread to del.

There are also switches for external level control, 5k1 termination, and a blue multi-socket output as would be used when seating a module in a rack or desk. I have also found said combo invaluable for remote tracking outside of the studio; I feel no need to risk my hardware preamps on the road any more. With the Preamp and EQ--I find it interesting that people are using this to MIX, as this piece of gear is a workhorse for recording; knowing the power load of the gear in the real world Neves take the more power than most gear--hence why Neve series are not as beefy it cracks me up that it is killing the DSP.

Thanks to the cooperation of AMS Neve in England and the generous loan of a brand-new N from our friends at Professional Audio Design, I had a chance to listen to the hardware and software side by side.

The addition of the fader and impedance switch offers more possibilities and an even more accurate representation of the original console.

Incredible good possibilities to have a good voice recording at home. As I did with my comparison, I used a pair of Lauten Atlantis microphones to track an entire song with drums, bass, pkugin guitar, acoustic guitar, double-tracked lead and backing vocals, tambourine, and shaker.

Then, through the magic of circuit modeling, you can inject the colors found in the modeled preamps into your sound. The other current model is the ubiquitous Nevewhich we will be reviewing here.

Results 1 to 4 of 4. Ives factory, 10073 doing business as Carnhill. Miller July 5, This isn't a plugin that you want to use everywhere you go. Not as much character as I wouldve hoped for out of the unison.

APRIL 2015: Universal Audio UAD-2 Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

So how do the two compare? Mujica June 5, 10733 times are GMT Shaghasi June 26, All in all, this is some of the closest modeling I have nev from UA to date, maybe even better than the Massive Passive Plug-in reviewed February which is a personal favorite. So sonically they were really close, but the calibration was gently skewed between the plug-in and the Neve hardware I was borrowing.

Both suggested that their replicas of the original.

What is cool to me about owning a UAD-2 is that I get access to a lot of the great gear a mix artist would use to mix a record, and with the Apollo series I get some very nice p,ugin of gear a recordist would use to record a record.

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