All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Linuzoid on July 21, , Linuzoid on July 22, , Would this board take a quad core Athlon like the or ? I occasionally find this site fairly useful. Western Digital intellipower disable info bellow. The first Phenom quad cores were released in November

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Would this board take a quad core Athlon like the or ?

Legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy Contact. Abit was in financial difficulties and went defunct in Got a friend over here that works on older computers, I’ll ask him if he knows anything about it.

[Resolved] Which CPU for Motherboard?

Also advertised on the container was the “Strike it with Abit” program, for abit kn9 ultra motherboard a free mouse pad was included. So it all comes down to that BIOS update. The first Phenom quad cores were released in November Page 1 of Facebook Twitter Google Plus. The Abit KN9 Ultra’s motheroard is green and the sides of the box advertised various features and specifications for this motherboard.

The KN9 Ultra certainly looks like it may stack up well on paper, but let us see if Abit has truly returned to their abit kn9 ultra motherboard past. Linuzoid on July 22, This year Abit has unveiled a new logo as well as delivered on several new products and innovations. Since that merger, Abit has been working hard at re-targeting their products to PC mohherboard abit kn9 ultra motherboard gamers.


Inside of the container the contents were separated accordingly and everything had arrived safely.

abit kn9 ultra motherboard Linuzoid on July 21, Be very, very kind to your neighbors, but don’t take the fence down! Please login or register. As has been the case for years, Abit’s quick installation guide and user’s manual thoroughly describes all relevant steps in the motherboard installation process as well as sharing other pertinent information.

I occasionally find this site fairly useful. Andy Axnot Hero Member Posts: I have a nice, but a bit old, abit kn9 ultra motherboard, which did not get much use so far and I would like to make use of it now. All dead ends it seems on getting quad core support in a BIOS.

Linadian on July 21, This would be quite a gamble. Western Digital intellipower disable info bellow.


However, since that point Abit has lost some of its glory due to their previous financial troubles as well as the fierce competition they have faced and continue to face from DFI, among other motherboard manufacturers. Written by Michael Larabel in Motherboards on 14 August The abit kn9 ultra motherboard pad is certainly no SteelPad, but it is relatively nice compared against other promotional mouse pads.


I don’t have a definite answer, but I doubt that you could use a quad core in this mobo. Abit’s packaging has always been top-notch both when it comes to utilizing the available space and ensuring all of the components arrive in pristine condition.

Came across a Phoronix review from http: Home Help Search Login Register. Yes, it would be nice to know for sure if it will support a quad core before shelling out some bucks for one. I am just a regular forum user nothing more nothing less. Many of their mn9 during this era were incredibly well received by the PC gaming and enthusiast community due to their superb performance and excellent abit kn9 ultra motherboard capabilities.